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Pet Association of Estes Park Inc.

The Pet Association of Estes Park was created in 1973. It was founded with the goal of helping the area homeless animals in need and to educate youth and the community about the humane care of animals. We are the only local agency committed to this goal. We serve Estes Park, Allenspark, Pinewood Springs, Big Elk Meadows, Rocky Mountain National Park, Drake, and Glen Haven. We provide shelter, care and veterinary services to stray and surrendered animals until we can place them in loving homes.

One of our founding and very important goals, are spay and neuter. We hold a spay and neuter clinic every Fall. Our donations help assist the community in this very important endeavor.

Please Make Your Donation Here

Donations can be made to our mailing address P.O. Box 4342, Estes Park, CO 80517 or click the link below to pay through PayPal.

What the Pet Association has accomplished in 2023

 This has been a rough year for animals, Shelters and rescues were over-run by surrendered dogs, possibly a backlash from adoptions during the pandemic when many people began working from home and adopted dogs for companionship. There was also a lack of spay and neuter resources at this time and not enough vet techs and staff to keep up with the needs.

The Pet Association received pleading calls every day from facilities who were desperate to move dogs out in order to make room for more incoming surrenders and strays.

We helped whenever we could. We cared for more homeless pets this year than ever before in our 50 years of service to Estes and the surrounding areas. To date 60+ dogs, 46+ cats, 3 mice and one gecko have found wonderful loving homes.

When we get an animal, we provide a medical examination and treatment for any problems, which frequently includes dental care. All dogs and cats are sterilized and microchipped before adoption. We also pay to board many of them, although our impressive foster-care network reduces our boarding expenses.

We re-homed several dogs who were abandoned in Estes, including a couple purebred ones. And we found loving families for several senior pets.

We currently have several cats, puppies, and dogs available for adoption, all of whom became homeless through no fault of their own.

We want to thank everyone who donated and attended our fundraisers. You are a wonderfully supportive community. But because of the increased needs and the soaring costs, donations equaled only 70% of our expenses in 2023. Your ongoing support will continue to allow us to perform our mission.

With the year end, we ask our community to consider the fates of the animals when making end-of-year donations. We are a 501c3 nonprofit, and we are your only local humane society. Taxpayers may also have an option to donate tax refunds to nonprofits.

Another way to assure ongoing support is through a charitable bequest, which is a gift or donation designated in one’s will or trust. Such a gift can represent a percentage of one’s estate, or it can be a lump sum or non-monetary assets.

On behalf of all the beautiful animals whose lives have been saved and enhanced, we thank you and wish you a pawsitively wonderful 2024. Donations can be made via check to our PO Box 4342, Estes Park, CO 80517, our PayPal at [email protected], or our website¬† THANK YOU!