Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Pet Association located?
We do not own our own facility. We pay to have our animals boarded at the Estes Park Pet Lodge (Cats) and the Animal Hospital of the Rockies (Dogs). At this time this is our general rule of housing.

If you would like to meet an animal you may call the facility where that type of animal is housed OR you can send us a message on our Facebook page (Estes Park Pet Association), OR call Meg Mizzoni at (970) 286-1652.

I have found or lost an animal.  What should I do?
Please contact the non-emergency police department number at (970) 586-4000 and file a report.  They try to keep track of all lost and found animals and make matches when they can.

If you cannot keep the lost pet temporarily, the Estes Park Police Department can help you make arrangements to have the animal impounded at the Estes Park Pet Lodge or you can bring the animal directly to them. Stray animals will be held there for 5 days as per Colorado law waiting to be reunited with their families. After that time the Pet Association will likely take ownership of the animal, assess and put the dog or cat up for adoption. If you can care for an animal while we try to locate a home please have the animal scanned for a microchip at one of our local vet clinics or kennels and let us know you have them as well as the Estes Park Police Department.

My neighbor isn’t taking care of their animals, or I need an animal trapped and removed.
Sadly, Estes Park no longer has an Animal Control officer. Therefore, we cannot help very much in cruelty issues or animals at large. Some situations can be handled directly through the Larimer County Humane Society at (970) 226-3647. Traps may be available locally through the Animal Medical Center at 1260 Manford Avenue. Call them at (970) 586-6898.

I need to surrender my pet, what should I do?
Please contact Meg Mizzoni directly by phone at (970) 286-1652.

How do I make a donation?
Donations can be made to our mailing address P.O. Box 4342, Estes Park, CO 80517 or click the link below to pay through PayPal.

Other donations such as beds, food, treats, toys, collars etc., can be brought to either the Estes Park Pet Lodge or Animal Hospital of the Rockies. Crossroads Ministry also accepts open pet food as well as cat litter donations!

What is the adoption process?
We have an application process. Generally, we like for you to meet the animal before applying. We will check your vet references if you presently have or have had pets previously.  A phone interview or home visit is common. General approval can be between 1-3 days, with weekends often taking longer.

What are the adoption fees?
Dogs are $250 and Cats are $150.
Prices include all vaccines up to date, microchip, and spay or neuter.

How do I contact the Pet Association?
Contact Meg Mizzoni at (970) 286-1652 or email [email protected].