All About Dogs

Some of our adopted alumni.

Adoptable Dogs

Ollie is about 9 months old. She was raised on a farm with lots of animals. She is probably a border collie mix. Her energy level is moderate to high. She will enjoy an active home. We think that Ollie will need to have other pets in her home. She is good with kids, other dogs and cats and of course horses!


Louise is a 7 year old hound mix, she is approximately 75 lbs. and in good health. She is good with people and kids but warms up to new dogs slowly. She likes to guard her food and toys from other pets, so she would do best in a home with no other dogs or someone that can manage this type of thing. Louise lived in the same home her entire life but she was getting too possessive of her things with the other dog. She does not guard her food from people and has lived fine with kids. Louise is moderate / low energy. She will enjoy taking walks and does pretty well on a leash. She has been getting very depressed at the shelter she is in and we hope we can help her!

This is Tia Mia and Ezra Brooks, 3 year old siblings that are very loving and easy keepers. They are kennel trained and complete angels in the car and for the vet. Ezra is the more chocolate one and he weighs about 78 pounds and Tia the orange one, she weighs about 68 pounds. They get along with other dogs and hardly ever bark. We don’t know how they are with cats since they haven’t met any. They have been pet by kids and been fine, but haven’t had the opportunity to really interact. They are in foster care.

Princess Lia is about 11 years old. She was with the family her whole life. It was a difficult decision to let her go. She is great on a leash, friendly with other dogs and knows some commands. Lia weighs about 25 pounds. She is in foster care.

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